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June 2015

George Ezra : Top 5 Songs

The Top 6 Songs From George Ezra That Scream Swoon City in the Middle of Texas Perfect for Drinking A Glass of Good Ole’ Ice Tea

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NOC Recaps Daredevil: So Much for a Complete Daily Bugle Staff


The Nerds of Color

“The Ones We Leave Behind” is another dense episode that fortunately doesn’t feel like it drags. Two of the leads deal differently with killing, there’s some backstabbing in the consortium, some classic Daredevil roof hopping, and another climactic and shocking ending. Damn. Fucking Sony.

It opens with Karen tossing the gun in the river. She’s obviously messed up after murdering Wesley and this plays out once she gets home and hits the bottle hard to put herself to sleep. She wakes up startled thinking she hears something, but then relaxes and decides to switch to beer for bed. Does that ever work? She turns from the fridge and our bald menace is staring her down. He delivers another stellar speech telling her he knows how hard it is to take a life. He goes on about how you feel the weight of the person’s life, the cherished moments, and such…

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Bryan Cranston is My Spirit Animal

Reason #1 Why Breaking Bad Is My All Time Favorite Television Show (Drama)


Bryan Cranston

An incredibly skilled actor with a vast range of emotions, his ability to delve into Heisenberg AND Walter White is a definite contrast from had played a  juxtaposing father on the good ole Malcolm In The Middle.

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From the man who brought us Reel Steel & Bourne Legacy, Dan Gilroy plasters our screen with his 2014 film, Nightcrawler.


33 minutes in, Nightcrawler was already showcasing a vivid hybrid of American Psycho’s Norman Bates & Ryan Gosling’s Drive. Continue reading “NIGHTCRAWLER (2014)”




Starring : Freddie Highmore and Emma Roberts

Rate : ☆☆☆

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Who The Heck Are Ya?

I would describe myself as a 16-year-old girl, too awkward for Youtube (but loves it to the moon and back) who also has zero friends that would tolerate my 2 hour monologues on how brilliant Vince Gilligan is, or how epic the new The Flash comic is.

I NEEDED a platform where I could talk about what interest me and what I love, so I came here. On this blog, I will discuss everything I’m into from music to television and film, even comics and novels with everything in between.

Just so you can size up my personality:

Favourite Film Director: Wes Anderson

Favorite Film: Guardians of the Galaxy(blockbuster) & It’s Kind of A Funny Story(indie) & Grand Budapest(cross between)

Favourite Artist/Piece of Work: Van Gogh/Starry Nights

Favorite Musical Artist: George Ezra(m) & BANKS(f) & Billy Joel(m)

Favorite Band(s): The Strokes, Alt-J, Twenty One Pilots

Favorite Classic Song: Hooked On A Feeling by Blue Suede

Favorite Television Show(s): THE FLASH & BREAKING BAD & THE WALKING DEAD & Dexter? Dexter. & Orphan Black & The Office & Parks N Rec 🙂

Favorite Youtubers: CASEY NEISTAT & Ben Brown & The Third Pew & Nathan Zed & Sourcefed

Favorite Superheroes: The Flash & Quicksilver

Grammar is M.I.A as of right now, but I’ll work on it.

I can rant, I can rave, I can express, and say whatever I want. The internet is a vast and beautiful place at just the right angle. If I don’t alienate this blog 3 days in, this should be fun. 🙂

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