From the man who brought us Reel Steel & Bourne Legacy, Dan Gilroy plasters our screen with his 2014 film, Nightcrawler.


33 minutes in, Nightcrawler was already showcasing a vivid hybrid of American Psycho’s Norman Bates & Ryan Gosling’s Drive.
The warm tone hue of the cinematography introduced an eery and far from a joyful vibe. It consistently kept the tone of twilight Los Angeles, capturing stellar shots through beautifully still and smooth frames. The aesthetic of the entire movie and its correlation to Gyllenhaal’s character made me really uncomfortable…but in a good way?


Stumbling upon the scene of a car crash Louis Bloom’s attention yields away from the condition of the persons and the common sense of 100 feet back that almost everyone else would do. But, instead he becomes captivated by the cameraman of a news channel, who had an LED light and a camera on the bodies of the victims capturing the suspenseful and gory moments. Not to summarize the film, but this situation was pretty much the father domino to Bloom’s freelance career.


With a borderline mediocre mobile news camera and a desperately broke and anxious assistant, Bloom currents Video Production News. Going to all lengths just to be first at the scene of a horrendous car crash to a triple homicide in uptown LA. He continues to go the far past inappropriate route of trespassing and recording the most brutal of headline stories. I’m pretty sure at one point Louis was centimeters from the asphyxiated body of a victim with one foot in the grave.

all hail man bun

Writing this merely 11 hours after me staying up to 3 am on with a split screen of Reddit and Nightcrawler on Netflix, which was also 4 mere hours from me having to suffer through two 2-hour history classed. Gilroy’s slow paced thriller definitely succeeded in keeping me uncomfortable, perplexed, anxious, and satisfied all at the same time – all in good connotation. tumblr_nqamuwMBLp1su9oyuo4_540



Apex: The most chilling scene to me…After chasing down two murder suspects after stalking them in a  diner, bloom and his assistant Rick end up inside the looking glass of a fatal police/suspect car wreck. With the incentives of $15,000 in one night in addition to Bloom’s chilling glare and the lingering presence of a physical threat from 20-minutes earlier. Rick just does it. He grabs the bargained JVC camera and steps out the less than inconspicuous Dodge Challenger, to “get a shot” of the suspects in the nearly upside down steaming vehicle. Seconds after Rick comes face to face with the belivedtobe murderer who was notsodead and is immediately shot multiple times in the chest. After Gyllenhaal’s character continues to record the rest of the scene expressing not a single thread of sympathy, care, or acknowledgment to the fact that his assistant was just shot in front of him. Bloom comes back to disturbingly record Rick’s withering body. Standing over the blood seeping out of him like a stream, notthatyouexpectedanydifferent, Bloom doesn’t even attempt to convey any sense of aid or care for the person  dying in front of him.

Gyllenhaal’s character alluded to the conversation him and Rick had a mere hour ago about pay wage, he expresses that he cannot compromise his business for an “unloyal”
employee who’s only focus in money and not the art of the business. In what seems like an hour long scene, Bloom goes on to indicate that if Rick was in Bloom’s position he would do the same thing and, in his final moments. Rick shakes his head uttering

“i dont know , i dont know” 

Favorite Quote:

what if my problem wasn’t that i don’t understand people but that i don’t like them?tumblr_nq8udmxXMu1tlq27no1_540

Final Thoughts: This movie was pretty awesome. I stumbled upon the Gilroy recommendation  from a comment in the  Reddit thread r/movies, saw it on Netflix and clicked play at 2am on a Monday (random I know). I woke up the next day trying to recollect if I really just watched a movie about a sociopathic crime scene cinematographer – and like it?. 

My only critique  is that the start of the movie was a bit slow, I nearly clicked out and scrolled my way to watch a Christmas episode of The Office

– but I didn’t and I’m glad.

I don’t think this is one that I will replay till I can’t replay no mo, but it is one that I will always have in the back of my mind and recommend  to my friends, 4 seconds before they utter “nah”.

David Gilroy’s Nightcrawler gets:

3/5 Ying Yangs