Reason #1 Why Breaking Bad Is My All Time Favorite Television Show (Drama)


Bryan Cranston

An incredibly skilled actor with a vast range of emotions, his ability to delve into Heisenberg AND Walter White is a definite contrast from had played a  juxtaposing father on the good ole Malcolm In The Middle.

My reasoning for deep seeded love for this show is due in part to him as an actor. If you go beyond the show and watch interviews and listen to podcasts, you can hear how actually funny and witty and intelligent he is. He was able to commit to his character in a great way that definitely paid off because, I kind of grew to despise him towards the end.

It also doesn’t hurt that Bryan overall is just awesome, him alone as a person IRL (in real life  for you gmas&gpas) is enough reasoning to watch the show on a binge or meticulously spaced out frames of time. Just  to marvel at his suspiciously captivating crows feet, wrinkles, and cracked glasses. Cool guy.