We’re almost there folks. Pay phones have already been dwindling down in imperativeness, and now the Google supported startup Sidewalk, a company with an objective to improve the urban areas of America through the innovation of technology, are here to bring tech to da streets literally.

The entire objective in a brief sense is to implement complimentary WiFi within a radius of 150-ft, charge stations for your mobile device (Nokia’s stay idle), screens with the ability to interact and give information on the city (Google Maps on a whole new level), and free access for domestic phone calls.

With the expectation to be rolled out this fall, Sidewalk labs have resisted to disclose where exactly they will roll out the reconstruction of these WALL-E-esque pillars. But with the expected 10,000 pay phones to be renovated within the skim-on-land but dense of populous Big Apple, I’d imagine you’d see these suckers like all those unnecessarily adjacent Starbucks’.

Talkin’ money, with estimation to cost roughly $200 million dollars to implement not including the long-term internet and electricity payments. On the bright side, it’s also expected to wring in $500 Million dollars of revenue from the ad supporters for the good ole Sidewalk. Smiles all around.

So expect to see an absurd amount of McDonalds/IBM advertisements exquisitely displayed all around the city.

There’s a certain saying that I saw while scrolling down my Tumblr profile (as teens do). It goes something like, “It’s not revolutionary unless it’s accessible to the poor”.

In this day in age, the income lines have been blurred with almost everything from air-conditioning, Jordans, televisions, and yes, iPhones. You can live without a bed post but still have the latest iPhone whatevernumber ‘S’. (Only God and people who actually Google it know what the ‘S’ stands for).

Overall, this is incredibly cool and I’m not 100% sure what kind of Renaissance we are living in at the moment with all these new gadgets and piles and piles of innovation flying out the gates, it just might be the Renaissance of technological renovation.

In my opinion, Sidewalk, Google, and their affiliated companies involved with this project to blanket the streets of New York and eventually the WORLD with technology, internet access and everything in between sit’s incredibly high on the threshold of Casey Neistat’s Creativity hierarchy.

On the creative spectrum, not only does Project-Sidewalk, create and innovate a way to bring technology to the urban streets, but it inspires others. Speaking to those who may not have the ability or monetary funds to pay for a monthly internet bill but want to create, vlog, or do whatever their heart desires that they weren’t able to do before, but can now take that initiative. Sitting on the sidewalk or a nearby bench on your laptop or phone, doing whatever it takes. Inching the creatives of New York closer to what they most likely went there to do. Sidewalk is creating a tool or renovating an old one to conform to the fast pace of our worlds ever advancing technology.

Bringing me majorly vivid flashbacks of FunForLouis’ friend, Jeff whom he featured in his vlogs trying to gain him support to get his van back. Anyway Jeff, who was homeless but still managed to vlog and edit his vlogs documenting his life and uploaded his videos to his to Youtube, because it’s what he loved to do.

Incredibly not only for creative minds, but great for emergency/urgent situations with the utilization of free domestic phone calls.  In a lighter sense of this. I imagine a 21st-century wee-liddle Macaulay Culkin lost in New York speeding over to a pillar of pixels to calltweet his mom that she left him solo dolo in the Big Apple.

scared animated GIF

I don’t know if I can drool rave over this anymore than I already have. I am a total sucker for technology and innovative ideas, it inspires me to get on my grind, do what I love, and work towards making it my living. As should you! Because that’s what everyone deserves in life.

As stated by Chief Executive Officer Dan Doctoroffe he expresses the “use [of] technology [is] not to make cities all the same, but enhance what makes them unique and individual.”.

All in all, can’t wait to see the reality of what the great minds at Google and Sidewalk have to offer. Tech win!