In the third installment of Mr.Robot exquisitely titled “Eps1.2d3bug.mkv”, this episode definitely goes through several twists and turns, while simultaneously riding a roller coaster of Elliot’s life.

Recovering from the push over the edge (I know I’m punny) from “Mr.Robot” still to be determined of his actual existence, Elliot quickly tries to not only recover physically but also mentally. Suppressing all itchiness to expel the reason why he’s actually in that position.

Believing that it’s finally over, he has cut all ties with the so-called Mr.Robot and takes the initiative to turn his life around. Well, besides the Morphine.

Going by the tune of “Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head” type montage, he accepts an invite to a dinner party, asks Shayla to not only be his date but his girlfriend. They have “a moment”. I really want to analyze this scene well because it not only open’s up Elliot’s eyes to the fact that his hacking, doesn’t actually allow him to get to the actual core of a human being besides their profiles. The people of the interwebs only show you on their feeds and timelines, what they want you to see. It appears up until this scene, that Elliot neglected to realize that. Even though he shies from social media. Therefore, not only was it an eye opener for him, but a wink to the viewers. Holding that societal mirror to how the authentic you can never be fully portrayed through 140 characters and a banging Instagram theme. Elliot becomes Elliot 2.0 in order to distance himself as far away from anything and everything that has to do with the Fsociety, even going as far as ‘enjoying” the sweet delicacies of Starbucks-the capitalist monstrosity that it is. This Cloud 9 attitude of a ‘bug free life’ is immediately halted with Mr.Robot’s reappearance into his life seeking cynical forgiveness for shoving poor ole Elliot off of a rail after naively spilling his heart out.

Favorite Line Already: “Was he drinking Starbucks?” – Gideon

I’m really just going to skip to the parts that caught my attention the most in this episode, because I suck at actually formal reviews, this aint’ Huffington and those are no fun.

Possibly the most entertaining, confusing, and suspicious moments from this episode came from Tyrell Wellick. A try hard, semi-psychopathic (if it’s a thing), pent-up, immensly insecure, soon to be father married to a frenchswedishgermandanishswiss woman with a dominating essence. Wellick stands to be an eccentric fella, livign an eccentric corporate life.

If you had to describe Tyrell to your friends , you’d say that he’s the type of guy that pays hobos to beat them up in an alley after being denied the CTO position at a billion dollar evil corporation, meets the secretary of that company at a club hours later, has “fun” with him, and goes for a jog all in one day episode.

Dude is the epitome of sketchy, but I hatelove to admit that his piercing blue eyes more than make up for it. However, portraying himself as someone that will claw his way to the top, I have a feeling that his rejection from Elliot is not a closed chapter. Tyrell consists to exude Norman Bates-CEO-of-a-fortune-five-hundred almost to a tee, I’m just waiting to find out what his mommy-issues are.

I don’t know how he does it, but he terrifies you, puts you on the edge, and leaves you wanting more.

All the while charming the living hell out of you. It just may be the 8th wonder of the world.

Next, I want allude back to what I discussed at the beginning of my post. I ship Elliot + Shayla = Shelliot? Eayla? Shelliot? Shelliot. They had a moment, it was amazing. End of story. I wasn’t even expecting it, I’m not sure if it is because I am an oblivious goon or the tension was not written in as intense as the typical tv drama pushed out by Merica cable. In a bun, Elliot was on his “Bug-Free” Lifestyle fling and made the spontaneous decision to ask her out. She said wtf, nah son. They bonded over her fabric work (not really sure if they were blankets or table shade, no shade).

They kissed, Because feels

Yeah, asking is weird Elly.

Although it seemed that there was no way skirting around the inevitability of the guy and the girl at the forefront of the plot sharing some intimate moments, I don’t mind because they are so skewed from the typical form of cable tele characters that it compensate more that needed.

Last Thoughts:

Mr.Robot is an hour long cinematic beauty every single week. The entire time i watched this hacker glory drama, my thoughts traveled through a journey of: wow Elliot what a babe, wow Elliot those eyes , how does one’s eye bulge so far but not pop out? Ok Elliot is changing, but there’s no way this will last because that Morphine is messing with his psych I am POSITIVE. Wow okay Shelliot is a thing, confirmed, by me. Wow okay, Tyrell is an insane power hungry psychopath that beats the living crap out of hobos for $300 …but …but those eyes, THOSE EYES. Wow okay, Tyrell is a power hungry psychopath that has sex with people to deliberately bug their phones. But THOSE EYES. Okay that weird hobo hacker guy is back, is this a figment of Elly’s imagination?..idk. Wow okay Elly wow, that train crashed fast.

Also, I don’t necessarily care for Angela and Ollie because , I’ve seen this dynamic before, and I know how this’ll end. At least I think i do.

LAST last Thoughts:

Episode 3 of Mr.Robot and I have come to realize at least for now,that there is no protagonist. No one is a saint, or anything near a saint. At the moment the characters of this still shot USA drama consist to be either Blackhat Vigilantes, a Pushaman (drug dealer), a cheating boyfriend, or a heavily insecure psychopathic businessman.

LAST LAST Thoughts: 

Mr.Robot gives me mad Orphan Black & Breaking Bad hybrid vibes. Both stellar shows that sit on my shelf of televised favorites. However, the resemblance from the dialogue, the wide shot color grading and cinematography, even stretching to the uniquely but eloquently crafted cast of brilliant actors.

stay buggin’ Elliot