The foreshadowing we’ve been waiting for was premiered at Sand Diego’s Comic-Con.

The mecca for all nerds.

One must make it at least once in their lives, after a long trek of heat, various Tardis cosplay and type 24 diabetes trigger worthy truck nachos.


This is a review for the kids that haven’t read the comics,  just yet.

The Walking Dead Season 6 trailer scratched the itch that all Robert Kirkman worshipers have had since March.


The trailer brings us in with aesthetically pleasing vacant roads, heat waves, and Rick – sweaty, covered in blood & Grime running solo straight down the road on a highway to hell to a destination we all crave to know.  The beautiful intro visuals are partnered with a classic Rick monologue, and a hint of Morgan commentary in there too. A simple appearance in a voice over has already struck the fans with Morgan’s prevalence within the show’s upcoming season.

Rick + Morgan 

Fast forwarding through the trailer, we are brought back to that intensity of “Conquer”‘s last few seconds when Rick and Morgan have the most awkward reunion of all time.

Rick’s voiceover expressing the ignorance and ‘luck’ that the Alexandria residents have endured or lack thereof. How they “Just don’t get it, they can’t”. Because all in a all they haven’t had to go through what the Survivors went through since the prison was overrun.

Walter White in a Zombie Apocalypse

Rick states to Morgan that “he doesn’t take chances anymore”, Morgan gives him rebuttal in agreement that he shouldn’t.

The physical and mental pain and trauma that the combination of the Governor, Terminus, pure inches for survival, the loss of loved ones that Grimes personally endured and also witnessed in others causes him to concretely draw a line. I see this at the first notion that Rick is making a metamorphosis into a Heisenberg-rescue persona. Kick ass, take names, but leave the chances.

His opinions on his tyrannical nudging rule are vividly becoming refuted by some guy warning Jesse that “Rick is dangerous!”, Daryl (I know I know, bffl’s), and the big twist Morgan.

Morgan appears to be in a meeting with members of the Alexandria community, discussing how he knows Rick and therefore he has the power to stop Rick from doing whatever Castro moves he’s making. Stating that the people of Alexandria have no choice. This really stuns me because,  I always thought of Daryl & Rick as BF4L’s while, Morgan and Rick gained a beautiful connection in proximity. You know those friends, you wouldn’t care to mess with if it wasn’t for the fact that you went to same school or work in the same office? Yeah, that’s how I see M & R. They wouldn’t even know each other if it wasn’t for the fact that they lived in the same state, same time, and during the zombie apocalypse. In addition to that if Rick didn’t fall into a coma for 60 days.

I was ecstatic at the bits of foreshadowing that Morgan would reenter our lives and become a consistent character in TWD, but from the likes of this trailer it is a bittersweet reunion. After The Governor and Deanna a new more personal introduction of condescension over Rick’s leadership by Morgan definitely gives the writers opportune to give the fans a plethora of twist turns. Another parallel it gives to Breaking Bad may consist in the possibility that we could be tugged in different directions on our position of  like/dislike of Morgan and Rick, because we love them oh so much. This is the same crossroad fan of BB met with during the show’s run. Personally, my heart stays with Rick and Daryl over all and always.

the bass heavy Hozier-like music kicks in


In the midst of the montage, you catch glimpses of Carl and his “love interest”. I thought she was instantly annoying, I personally feel that way towards any unnecessary introduction of love into far left situations. But I do understand the want for conveying Carl puberty years in a more vivid sense since he’s kinda been running about Atlanta to almost-Washington with his dad and the rat-pack of rogue Survivors. Enid, as gross of name that is, gets herself into more trouble it seems. Because last season the would sneak out into a zombie per square inch world alone, Carl has grown a worry about her because he has the feels and I see this going way far left. But we will see.


We quickly spot Carol witnessign soemone bashign a potential walker or person’s head in with an axe very maliciously. Plus she is spotted walking down the street in a black poncho covered in Grime. Only episodes will tell what occured and where she’s headed.


Going back to Morgan, he seemed to be pulling a different shade of Father Gabriel. With all the sneaking around, opposition to the more specifically Rick’s leadership, and the cahoots with Deana. Nudging everyone else to listen to him and oppose Rick. This is all with Deanna’s backing saying how Morgan “has been out there” and “all of us” will trust him.


Now, only the episodes will lay true to whether Morgan is justified in his actions, or whether his actions are even what they seem to me at least. Rick might be the rational one or he might have the viewers drawing all

kinds of parallels from AMC’s other gem of a character Walter White  from Vince Gilligan’s Breaking Bad in his devolvement as a person, but increasing depth of character.


One of the most striking parts of this trailer that struck out to me was in the conclusion of the trailer Rick is seen pointing a gun, overhead, and point blank to someone that has OBVIOUSLY pissed the living hell off of him.

” You really think you’re goign to take htis community from us…from Daryl…from Michone…from Glenn…FROM ME?!”

“Do you have any idea who you’re talking to?/.”

The reason why I put a question mark and a period is because, I honestly do not think it is a question. Because Rick and the person who are probably shitting themselves right now know the answer, heck the audience even knows the answer.  The first time I watched this trailer I thought he was ripping Morgan a new one, due o the flashes of mini scenes and the way the trailer was edited, however, I don’t think that it. I don’t know who he’s talking to, but I definitely don’t think it is Morgan. I think by this time Morgan has fallen back or getting the hell out of  Dodge. Most likely he’s pointing it at Father Gabriel (if he’s still alive or in Alexandria) after all the fuck-ups he’s made in the late of  Season 5. I thought about it, but an obvious unpossibility is Deanna because she owned Alexandria, so she can’t really take it away from the Survivors, the governed it before they came. Sensitive choice of words but, yeah.


After high tempo montage and the DUN DUN DUNDUNDUN’s we see a Morgan + supercreepsacary cannibalistic Terminus hunters in the woods. Daryl is tied up with some type of fabric in front of a tree, int he middle of the woods with some teeny bopper pointing a gun at his head. The teeny bopper says “you don’s say shit, and I don’t kill you”. Good ole Daryl the incredibly nonchalant guy that he is rebuttals

“I don’t know who you think I am”

The great one liner is followed by black flashes of him escaping somehow, breathing deeply, and gazing around, on his way to figure shit out.

This part hit me the hardest because my love for Daryl is unearthly, even though I know the producers and writers wouldn’t dare to mess with the most beloved golden character that is Daryl, but the possibility is there.


This trailer was a true masterpiece, it defiantly has not only me but from the comments, tweets and articles I’ve read the fans also. The dynamic have turned upside down. Chapter are being closed. And overall new drama and more room for epic walker kills are free to reside in season 6 of AMC’s The Walking Dead.

I am obviously more than excited, but what about you? Let me know what you think of the trailer in the comments below!