In Mr. Robot’s 5th episode titled “eps.1.4_3xpl0its.wmv“, it’s Italian Heist meets The Social Network meets some movie about civilians trying to take down The Man meets Fight Club?.

The Heist

Italian Heist or group of vigilante hackers?
Italian Heist or group of vigilante hackers?

– Elliot Tears Bill A New One –

Harsh. Poor Bill with his Instagram selfies and teddy bear approach. Elliot totally annihilated him just to get to Level 2.

Below are a few lines from the scene:

“let’s be honest no one would give a shit”

“you’re nothing to anyone, to everyone, think about it Bill”

“I need you to call someone that matters, because Bill, you don’t”


The most amazing part is that, I don’t think Elliot was talking to Bill. I think when Mr. Robot told Elliot to just basically bash Bill inorder to get rid of him I belive Elliot dug not so deep into himself. I believe that he pulled out the insults he recites to him himself straight out of his back pocket and relayed them off of Bill just like he practices in the mirror. Elliot wasn’t personally insultign poor Bill, he was self deprecating himself.


Bonsoir Elliot

As Elliot is trying to get to the other staircase to level two, as soon as he turns around he is met with, no one other than, Tyrell Wellick. The Blonde hair and blue eyed corporate psychopath.

Tyrell invites Elly to lunch.

Wellick givign some major shade to the waiter he just talked mess about (lol)

Tyrell makes these weird parallels between them. On the surface, they seem ridiculous because they are opposites superficially. However, if you pay as close attention as some of the other fans you come to the assumption that Welick is mos likely the leader of the Chinese hacker union. All connecting with Cisco a.k.a the “rapper” who infiltrated Ollie’s laptop, thus ruining their lives. With a girlfriend who is a part of fSociety, which connects to Elliot, it is all really just a web of hacking relation.

“so you are like the rest of us”

Tyrell pretty much follows Elliot to the restroom to basically intimidate him. It works. The Morphine withdrawals and severe social anxiety are the definite catalysts for the withering of his confidence. However, Elliot knows Wellick’s achille’s heel – Elliot’s perception on Tyrell. like Mr. Robot said, “he cares what you think of him”.

Darlene F***ed Up

The stress of solidifying her connection with China in order for fSociety to complete the execution is weighing on her. So when they lock he rout and wipe off the face fo the earth, she goes mad. Screaming at her Cisco, who proceeds to tell her to give up. Her prominent sass is starting to be eclipsed by the insecurity that the pressure of the plan against Evil Corp is highlighting.

When Mr. Robot and the heist crew get back and hear the news, “Mr. Robot” basically flips his shit. Darlene scrambles to execute the incomplete plan anyway, going against Mr. Robots prerogative. However, Elliot manages to subdue her from foiling the plan and causing an immense amount of long term damage to Fsociety.

Tyrell Makes Literally Everyone Extremely Uncomfortable


 Is anyone catching a theme in this episode with Tyrell? I personally think he invades people’s privacy and makes his “attacks” in bathroom because it’s one of the thimes when people are th emost vulnerable. Vulnerability equates ot weakness and Tyrell smeells weakness from a mile away.

Mr. Robot has had the ability to stretch break barriers within cable television that most have never even considered. A mere, 4 episode have premiered on USA and we all continue to be amazed. We have been amazed before with breaking Bad and Orphan Black both have gotten weird before. But when I say that this scene was weird, I mean this scene was weird.  

In the scene, The wife from the dinner disses Elliot after his rash remark,  “how do you not blow your brains” married to her husband. She leaves and heads to the bathroom, followed by Elliot. As she’s literally pissing Elliot walks in, doesn’t say a single word. he just walks in like it’s a thing to just walk in. She of course gives him the “wtf?!” vibe, but he walks even closer until he is nearly standing above her, still no words. The hosting wife on the toilet takes his silence as a nudge for something else inviting Tyrell to have fun. Tyrell scoffs,  and simply utters “thank you for a lovely evening” then proceeds to leave the bathroom.

If I told you my entire body wasn’t cringing the entire time with my jaw on the floor, I. would. be. a liar.

Angela “Sherlock” Holmes

Angela has finally broken up with the idiot that s Ollie, so she ventures to her father house. He seems like an incredibly inviting person that simply just loves his daughter oh so much. However, in the conclusion of the episode Angela is seen rummaging through her dad’s mail. Dumping a collection of mail from Evil Corp. Not completely sure why she had the vendetta gainst her father that motivated her to rummage through his mail, nor am I sure of what the specifics of the mail was besides it being overdue ECorp Insurance papers, because it obviously made Angela incredibly uncomfortable, but I am intrigued. previously the story lines of Angela and Ollie were the least interesting for me, but I think Angela’s importance int h story is escalating. The primary concern for Angela’s appeal to the audience and necessity to the plot is further development of her character. Hopefully in the upcoming episode we will see her character gain greater depth.

Final Thoughts

In the fifth instalment of Mr. Robot on USA Network we got ot see what would happen if Italian Heist was full of hackers. We also witness Elliots completely rip an innocent middle-aged-corporate-building-tourist a new one, in addition to being reunited with Tyrell Wellick. We can always count on America’s favorite blonde-haired corporate psychopath to make this extra weird in addition to making Swedish sound like butter on bread to my mono-linguistic ears. The audience is also at a crossroads deciding whether Angela is Sherlock or Watson along with Darlene going insane.


eps.1.4_3xpl0its.wmv of Mr.Robot did not disappoint, it continues to stand as a ‘cyberpunk’ series giving the audience the most realistic depiction of ‘hacking’ onto your television screen. Paired with the amazing direction from the great Jim McKay and incredibly writing from David Iserson. Stakes are intensifying and I personally cannot wait till next Wednesday. Especially due to the fact that Elliots efforts to save Shayla from the super duper intimidating over zealous drug dealers has backfired, getting her abducted int he last few seconds of the episode. His ass is grass at this point.

Rami Malek of USA’s ‘Mr. Robot’ | ‘The Andy Greenwald Podcast

Great podcast, currently listening to it as I type this and just had to add it in. Make sure to listen for more insight on Rami Malek on his character, behind the scenes, and the show overall through the season.


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