I Know What You’re Thinking:

What the Hell is Daily Vlogging?

I’m sure at least 50% of you who clicked on this page has not the even the slightest idea to what“daily vlogging” is.

In a nutshell, “daily vlogging” is the new age art form within the YouTube consistent content creator community in which basically anyone with a camera films themselves every day. Cameras can be anything ranging from your run of the mill iPhone to a DSLR (Neistat style). In the most basic form, you go about your day filming your life as a documentary. At the end of your day, you edit the footage piecing it together to create 10 minutes of pure bliss for your viewers to see.

In the shortest sense: you film yourself throughout your day no matter how awkward it is on the street to or in Target, at the end of your day when you thought you were going to sleep, you edit the footage into something pretty, and hit upload on YouTube. Essentially doing it over & over & over again every.single.day.

Enough formalities, let’s just dive right into my favorite daily vloggers 🙂

#3 FunForLouis



|Who is FunForLouis?|

Louis Cole, a dangerously handsome British travel vlogger that amazes his viewers with not only his amazing editing and consistency but his ability to majestically rock his famous dreadlocks. You’ll most definitely be able to find him at your at either an indie coffee shop, hang gliding over Mount Kilimanjaro (don’t be surprised), or four-wheeling through the Arabian desert. This kind hearted Brit is not only a veteran vlogger but also co-founded his friend Nick Millerza’s video storytelling app ‘Storie’. You can follow Mr.Cole pretty much every day through his never ending adventures that could easily make anyone from Beyonce to your regular-ole-cubicle-Joe weep from wanderlust.

|Vlogging Style|

It can be safe to say that Mr. Cole set the bar for daily vlogging all across the YouTube platform. When I say that, I mean that not only me but many other viewers see that if a YouTuber vlogs and fail include the classic Soundcloud instrumentals, several cut aways, coffee shop footage, and Oyster card slot cuts then your vlog is sub par.

zwuWI3p - Imgur
classic Oyster card slot shot

Cole has not only coined the ability to constantly make amazing content on his channel 5 to 6 days out of the week but also inspire an entire generation of aspiring little vloggers. In addition to all that, his most recognized terms are “laptop club” (when you and your friend hit up a coffee shop or living room and go to town on working on your laptops, being productive Patty’s). His sign off (how he end his videos) maintains to be “Peace Out Enjoy Life & Live The Adventure, BOOM!”. A great message that we all can follow even if we aren’t skydiving over Dubai.itvBUly - Imgur

|Why I Think He’s Awesome|

I first discovered Louis roughly 2 years ago, around the same time I fell dove straight into my YouTube obsession. I was absolutely in love with this world of consistent content creators (Youtubers) on the platform and Louis happened to be one of the foundational role players in my growing YouTube obsession. I have no other words how to describe my feelings for YouTube with anything other than obsessed.

Louis Cole maintains to be one of the sweetest people on the platform. He could easily fake it behind the edit, but through the other vloggers that I watch they all agree that he is a down to earth sweet guy. With his constant efforts to make the world a better place through his benevolent efforts. These efforts can be shined through his  charity campaign to help get his friend Jeff who was ejected from his only home, a bus, therefore making him homeless. This campaign to Louis’ near 1 million subscribers at the time has helped Jeff to get a new bus doubling as his mobile home, thus changing Jeff’s life forever. Another great thing Louis has done is his most recent role in One Wave. A non-profit with an objective in: tackling funks like depression, anxiety and bipolar with a simple recipe; salt-water, surfing, good mates and Fluro Fridays.6k2Pjiy - Imgur


#2 MrBenBrown



|Who is MrBenBrown?|

Ben Brown is a British daily vlogger who began documenting his life in 2013. He has a lovely girlfriend Nicole Eddy, who was the catalyst for his move from Great Britain to South Africa in the last year. Now that Ben lives in South Africa his viewers have been introduced to his amazing friends Danthedirector and SP aka Sliceofmatt. Ben’s surrounded by people on the same wavelength of him concerning film and photography, they all support each other which makes for a great ecosystem for viewers like me.

This blonde haired and green eyed new resident of South Africa is a hilariously cheeky guy that never fails to keep you entertained without having to jump out of a plane. Mr. Brown most definitely deserved to be on the up and up of my vlogger list because his content NEVER fails to entertain, it’s like magic.

|Vlogging Style|

Ben’s swift editing style draws you with amazing Soundcloud choices, and gorgeous landscape shots no matter where he is. I’ve followed Ben from his daily visits to Giro the indie cyclist coffee shop in London to building trees in Zambia for GreenPop and even reaching to my personal favorite his exploration of Canda. An amazing divider between Ben and other vloggers on the platform is his ‘Visual Vibes aesthetic films. These films are less than 20 minutes and serve as a visual film exemplifying a certain place he visited such as Canada or South Africa. Brown maintains the vlogger attitude of end cards with

“Remember to work hard, be nice to people, and try not to get lost or killed”.

The most inspiring part of all of Ben’s content and the career he has built is due to that fact that he was formerly a professional kayaker turned photographer who self-taught himself everything he knows about film to this day.

It is an incredibly inspiring notion, that tells  aspiring film-makers and teens of different interests that university isn’t the only option. Ben never went to college and never went to film school. Serving as a walking example that you do not have to go to college to do what you love. You can teach yourself in a variety of situations, furthermore this drew me to begin my pursuit in learning to code. There are copious amounts of resources on the internet and in your local libraries that can provide you with the tools you need to further your goals. Thus proving to me that if you have enough drive and self-pursuit then you can reach your goal. Ben Brown serves as a fantastic role model for not just me but other young teens with untraditional aspirations working to achieve great things.

LnX0bSf - Imgur

|Why I Think He’s Awesome|

Ben’s end card covers all your bases. Work hard. Be nice to people. Try not to get lost or killed. Inadvertently a guideline for you day if not life. I most definitely live and preach this quote, because it reminds me in the process of life that I should be diligent in my work, whilst also being sweet to others and pevent to put myself in sticky situations. Thanks, Benny. 🙂

On top of Ben’s guideline for life, I truly grew fond of his content during his exploration of Canada with Steve Booker. If you are seeking a video to introduce you to Ben Brown’s content I most definitely recommend any of his Canada vlogs. The Canada videos he put out were absolute masterpieces that most definitely did the justice Alberta deserved. The purpose behind the sponsored trip was motivate people to visit Alberta and subsequently I got roped in instantly. Proving that Canadian landscapes are something to be seen in person. By the end of his trip with Steve, Alberta not only earned a top spot on my bucket list but also created my bucket list which didn’t exist before those vlogs. I cannot stress the importance of seeing these videos enough, so please do check them out because they are a sight to be seen.

Unnamed image (13)

#1 Casey Neistat



|Who is Casey Neistat?|

A man who belongs on at the top spot of any list, ever. Casey Neistat an American filmaker who has an amazing track record from an HBO mini-series with his brother Van Neistat to producing ads for big name brands like Nike to Mercedez-Benz. To focus on his daily vlogging career, Casey’s premise on the platform that is YouTube and the niche that is vlogging. His following has skyrocketed like no other. Casey stands to be a very straightforward unfiltered person that keeps it real no matter what. The initial reason he started his daily vlogging initiative is so that he would: 1. Keep up and improve his film making skills since it is what he truly loves 2. To promote his new app Beme that was recently released to the iOS market on July 17th 2015. 

The great aspect of Casey’s vlogs is that the initial intention is a subside to what the vlogs have become. The quality and uniqueness to his videos has broguht Youtubers regardless of subsriber count to viewers like me that just love seeing amazing production value on a large scale. He has the ability to have people chatting about him in podcasts to fangirling in vlogs

I found Casey similarly to how I found Ben through Louis, they were simply just hanging out with each other in the vlogs. I have realized that the vlogger-sphere is this amazing connection that the creators own which draws you to their content and motivates you to become a loyal fan. In all aspects of the word Casey’s fan base is possibly one of the most loyal on Youtube. More specifically the vlogger-sphere.

Casey manages to juggle his two children Owen(19) & Francine(<1) and a beautiful wife Candice who owns a jewelry company, Sara Jessica Parker style. In addition to founding a Beme and making these vlogs, Casey showcases that the insurmountable, is in fact, mountable. His never ending drive to work hard is a part of his identity thus motivating thousands of his viewers to do so and preach the same in their own lives. I don’t know about the next person, but Casey has for a fact motivated me to change my life. I personally would not be writing this blog post if it was not for Mr. Neistat.

|Vlogging Style|

Right off the bat Casey’s style is the most vivid factor in his distinction between himself and the commonality that has grown into what daily vlogging appears to be aesthetically.  Neistat’s vlogs have their own commanilty in wide angles from the DSLR that he carries around instead of the newcomer Sony GS7X.Along with his intro montages in every oen of his vlogs, depicting wherever he is usually NYC in timelapse form. By simply utilizing a DSL attached to a gorilla claw  Casey did what no vloggers had the courage to do. Setting a precedence for other vloggers on youTueb to follow  his footsteps. Because he is new and incredibly unique without even trying, people take that, they see the follow he has along with his success and of course copy him. Casey noticed this to the point fo where he made his famous “Short Skirts and Ripoff Artists” sort of highlighting how people are takign his unique aspects and passing them as his own wholesale theft” he calls it. Casey Neistat’s vlogging style seems to be a beautifully edited extension of himself and what goes on in his mind on a daily. He works all day in his office for Beme then goes home to his family of a wife and baby resisting sleep by editing till dawn. This is all with the meetings and shenanigans that he endures throughout New York City. The fast pace of his video encaptures you craving for more time than his 7-minute standard, but appreciating what you got.tJgJfDT Casey resist to have a sign off but instead just cuts his videos off in an abrupt sense with a cheeky end card.

|Why I Think He’s Awesome| 

Casey Neistat is easily the most influential person i have ever come across virtually.

Casey dropped out of high school, lived in a trailer park, washed dishes at a restaurant and was on welfare when he was around their age until he finally found his way in film-making

I have grown to be very inspired and fond of YouTube becuase it is the most conencted you will be with these people on a pedastle. Ecspecially with daily vlogging, becuase it is a documentation for soemones day 7 day sa week. It is even more connected than normal YouTuber’s such as Smosh or Bethany Mota. In all apsects YouTuber’s are 9 time out of 10 behind an edit. It is very easy to be decieved of who a person is because they are behind the edit. this goes for daily vloggers too, but with daily vloggers you are able to see their family, friends, and travles. All along with discovering more about the person in every video. Daily vlogging is beautuful virtual conenction that cannot be  match with traditional media such as film and television. Casey doesn’t show his viewers everything, but what he has shown us has been mind blowing. To see someone commit thier days, weeks, and months to working was personally oe of the most existential things I have ever seen. I have always heard the words “work hard” and “Just Do It” made famous by Nike, but I never saw soemone actaully portaying a day by day example. Casey has proven to be that example. He has stated that work isn’t just what he does but it is a part of his identity

It’s amazing.

In a nutshell my favorite aspect of Casey Neistat is his ability to work incredibly hard no matter what, his entrepenurship, along with his authenticty and commitment to never stray from who he is as a person. He inspired me to not only sit in my bed binge watchign hsi videos, but to get out of my bed and just do. I use to think about my apiration of doign great thigns in technology but I never took the initiave. Roughly 14 vlogs in on the binge I sat up, wrote down my dream on paper so that they would convert to goals, and I have been working towards what I want ever since. 

Casey likes to on these amazing tangents of things on his mind cocnerning life and more specifically creativity and working hard in life.  

Here’s my favorite from Casey’s drawing board titled

The Creativity Hierchy


Unnamed image (15)

|The Culture of Daily Vlogging|

All in all, I have grown a strong appreciation and passion for these guys. I chalk it up to a combination of who they are as a person conveyed through their videos, the quality of their content, and ability to work incredibly hard in their careers. Daily vlogging isn’t this incredibly serious niche, it is simply a documentation of someone’s life and who they are as a person. Louis, Ben, and Casey are pretty great lads with amazing careers that have most definitely left a lasting mark on the new media sector that is daily vlogging.

|The Future of Daily Vlogging|

Although vlogging persists to be an alien practice to the muggles of the world who simply don’t undertsand the society that is YouTube (as seen in any vlog of someone walking down a street getting crazy looks from bystanders in the background).

As new media molds into the normality of entertainment vlogging will condescend over reality television. And reality television will be as archaic as black and white pictures.

YouTube stands to be one of the most important and influential things in my life. It is weird to say, in my head and out loud, because many people just don’t get it, and that is okay. However, there is a community not only within the creators but also the fans. That I appreciate and delve into as much as I can because many of us have these great common denominators that make us feel like it is okay to enjoy Youtube as much as we do. My friends don’t truly understand the community on YouTube, they just see the superficial viral videos, On the contrary to me. 

YouTube stands to be amazing labyrinth in my life  and my thought on it could lead to a whole other post novel. YouTube has been a catalyst of change in y life and construction of my personality.

It is awesome.

Incase you already knew the three daily vloggers mentioned. Here are some other vloggers below that stand worth the mention.

Steve Booker

Oy4H7RX - Imgur

Steve Booker is a fulltime men’s fashion and travel blogger that occasionally makes his way over to Youtube to deliver beautiful and aesthetical pleasing videos. These videos are mainain to be very contructed and diligently made. Usually exempliying one of his blog posts, a place he traveled to, a restruant he loves, or a certain piece of fashion he wants to share. Check out Steve Booker.


Unnamed image (16)

Alfie Deyes

c9nB5zHIf you’re a teenage girl who watches YouTube, you know Alfie Deyes. He’s a Youtube gamer, vlogger, and now author. He vlogs his everyday life, although it may not be on the same wavelength of quality or appeal as MrBenBrown and FunForLouis, Alfie simply documents his life. That’s the essence of it all. Sometimes you don’t need an incredibly diligent edit, and just want to watch simple vlog on someone’s day by day. PointlessBlogTV is the one for you. Check out PointlessBlogTV.


Unnamed image (14)