| Take’s A Turn For The Worst |

Six episodes of Mr. Robot and we are past the halfway mark. Translation – our hearts sink we every minute we get closer to the conclusion of the season. In theme with its previous installments, Mr. Robot has blown our minds in ways we never thought it could.

 “br4ve-trave1er asf” follows the story after last week’s cliffhanger of Elliot walking into his apartment after it was trespassed by Fernando Vera’s ‘gang’ and picking up a stray cell phone. The voice in the phone was Vera who was in jail, taunting him on his kidnapping of Eliot’s new girlfriend – Shayla.

| Elliot’s Mission |

The episode opens up with Elliot speaking to Shayla in (possibly) the same restaurant we started the series in. They are discussing he entire situation concerning Vera. Vera’s gang appears out of the blend in the restaurant and Elliot and Shayla are quickly rushed out.This sets the precedent for Elliot’s stopwatch to begin his process to help Vera escape prison. And he only has this one day.

You can tell Elliot is absolutely terrified. However, he isn’t in fear of what will happen to himself as much as the pure terror and anxiety of Shayla’s safety throughout the episode.

Isaac, Vero’s brother, and DJ a gang member how was monitoring Elliot and Darlene. I’m still a bit perplexed as to why Darlene thought she could condescend gang members. Gang. Members. She ended helping out the plan by flirting with a police officer’s as Elliot hacked the officers computer wirelessly in a car with Vero’s gang a few feet away.

The ultimate objective, in a nutshell, is to find a way to hack the prison and help Fernando escape.

This plan, of course, goes through all the twist and turn imaginable.

// What The Hell Mr. Robot //

As Elliot is frantically trying to figure out how to solve this massive issue, on his way back from speaking to Angela regarding Evil Corp, he is met with Mr. Robot on his stairwell.

Okay, if this scene did not solidify the tremendous possibility that Mr. Robot is not real but stands to be a mere figment of Elliot’s twisted imagination, I don’t know what to tell you. As notion in the Andy Greenwald podcast., it’s this test to see whether you can distinctively take Mr. Robot out of the scene and it could work? Not necessarily that it would be a totally normal situation, but could you take Mr. Robot out of the equation and foresee Elliot as speaking to himself back and forth like a schizophrenic person. Elliot could be resorting to Mr. Robot for validation in whatever action he’s about to take. Essentially the Devil on his shoulder.

In the scene, Mr. Robot basically tells Elliot to ditch the whole thing. It’s the only other option than calling the cops because he’s no match for Vera’s gang because they will kill him. Robot tells Elliot that he must ditch the entire plan he’s trying to construct, leaving Darlene in the apartment with the gang members and Shayla to die in the hands of Vera’s gang.

I subscribe to you, the Devil on poor Elliot’s shoulder. Or just a really malicious man he met less than 4 weeks ago telling him to leave his girlfriend he’s known for years and Darlene someone who is a part of the precious fSociety.

Devil on Elly’s shoulder, but the question is: who is the angel?

// Misconceptions //

I’d like to bring attention to a widely assumed misconception of Eliot. Elliots social anxious introverted black hoodie wearing self may not want to grin or converse. But with all of the silence, it gives him the opportunity to listen to observe people 10-times better. He totally understands people, he just doesn’t give off the characteristics that portray “people person”. He gives off the introverted vibe, which stands to be a mask over his immensely social observant persona.

| Elliot’s Mission |

//Who’s The Real Devil In This Equation?//

Reverting back to Fernando, I want to bring up something that struck me. Fernando’s monolog in the first quarter of the episode comparing Elliot and himself.

Constantly making digs, then wrapping them around these strange light hearted ‘jokes’. “I love you” “I’m gonna hug you”, “we’ll be one happy happy”. Weird. Drawing vivid parallels between,“The Bird”  a Japanese POW commander in Unbroken,  that tortured his POW’s, right before he initiated the strangest advances for them to be th best of buds. For example, beating them within an inch of their lives then inviting them to have tea within him in his office the next day and laugh like they were buddies. Pure psychotic.

It’s weird. Vera’s seemed to be flattering Elliot and himself while simultaneously instilling a sense of fear in poor Elliot while elevating himself. Leaving him with the rhetorical “are we savages? or are we brave?”. Rhetorics from a drug dealing murdering with guys on the outside is most definitely up there with one of the easiest ways to make a man completely sketched out of his mind.

// Elliot Jesse-Eisenberg-In-Any-Drama-Film-He’s-Ever-Done //

Mid-way into the jail hacking plan, Elliot visits Fernando with a complete 1-80 on Vera.

Elliot has found a way to underhand the overhand, by hacking into Issac’s phone. It turns out Isaac had the information to Vera’s financial accounts, and therefore Elliot’s access to that information gives him the power to withhold Vera’s money. Elliot uses this dangerous tactic as a way to give Vera incentive to stay away from Elliot and most importantly Shayla after Elliot breaks Vera out of prison.


The art of being able to sit in front of your worst enemy, tell him you have all his money in your hands with the potential to completely erase it all, with no visible fear that he will thus find a way to murder you after he is broken out of prison by whom other than yourself. Is quite the art.

He’s most definitely utilizing the superpower he tapped into last episode when he learned to tear Bill a proper new one. Instead of attacking Vera as a person, he went for the jugular of a psychopathic drug dealer – money.


Sounds like a blend of Eisenberg in The Social Network and Now You See Me – subtract the magic and sprinkle the hacking.

This ultimately changed the tone of the episode from suspense married to fear to suspense eloping with the inevitability that this will ultimately backfire because Despite Elliot’s ballsy attitude to save his girlfriend, he will never have the malicious connections that this ‘King Pin’ Vera has in New York.

// Blood Is Thicker Than What?//

Immediately after Elliot steps out of the prison he is met with a heated Isaac who spontaneously wants to “have a talk” with Elliot. After much confusion and shouting, Elliot hurries into the car, leaving Darlene with DJ and is led to a remote area by the shore. Fast forward, Isaac is essentially walking Elliot to his death. Of course, Elliot tries to search for the ‘why’ and Isaac continuously utters “It’s just not your day” over and over again.

It comes to the point of where a gun is kissing Elliot’s skull, and conveniently in this time he has the most important epiphany he will ever have. Coming to terms with the fact that Isaac and Fernando have a twisted relationship that will end with one of them dead if Vera ends up escaping the prison. This why Isaac wants to get rid of Elliot in order to stop the plan altogether from happening, due to the truth of the matter; Isaac is the one who put Vera in prison, not Elliot.  Another 1-80.

This episode alone, in it’s first half has made more 1-80’s than all previous episodes combined. 

Elliot uses his superpowers once again to get him out of this pickle, and surprisingly comes to an agreement with Isaac. He breaks Fernando out of prison giving Isaac the opportunity to kill Fernando. Simple. Sure. 

At this point, Elliot is playing every single card in his deck, and they all seem to be playing out at this point. Huh. Zuckerberg gone Breaking Bad, minus the meth and beer pong.

|Angela Sherlock Holmes Lives On|

Let’s take break from Elliot and narrow in on what the hell is going on with Angela. In the last episode we saw her very clearly losing her mind and investigating like she popped out of a  Nancy Drew chapter. The commercial at Gideon’s party definitely resurfaced a bad taste in her mouth, serving as a catalyst for her re-purpose of the investigation on her mom’s death. Going from lawyer to lawyer trying to have someone reopen the case, in addition to hating her job because she is undermined as a colleague, which also pairs great with the fact that Evil Corp is evidentially drowning her father in debt. Good ole’ Evil Corp. She’s lost all care for anything and her priorities have tunneled into defeated Evil Corp.

I want to introduce a great point here: Angela and Elliot have subtly switch places. Elliot’s introduction to us, the viewers, is that he’s thing tech wiz vigilante. He spends his days scouring people online profiles in order find out as much as possible about them, but now his vigilante efforts have ultimately backfired. We’ll discuss how later in this post, but regardless of that Angela now has tunnel vision of taking down Evil Corp while Elliot has other obligations. Obligations that have arisen due to his vigilante motives. Is Elliot’s position Angela’s future? It is a strong possibility that the passed torch will maintain the equilibrium of punishment fitting crime.

| Tyrell Still Doesn’t Make Any Sense |

 There’s been a very strange though sitting in the back of my mind as I watch the episodes with Tyrell Wellick featured, and that maintain to be the essence that he doesn’t fit. Wellick’s placement within plot line of Mr. Robot as an entity is like a neon shirt to a funeral. Yes, he works for Evil Corp. Yes, he interacts with Elliot. However, his role in the story is still up in the air.

My theories lie to be that Wellick is a member if not leader of the Chinese hacker group-which ties in with Cisco. In addition to that, maybe Tyrell is this twisted figment-like Mr. Robot- but Tyrell is the corporate sector of Elliot’s mind running amuck. I know I know, Elliot’s entire establishment of self-worth lies within bringing down the conglomerates of the capital sphere in the world. It’s a hunch but I’m mostly likely completely far off knowing me.

Alluding back to last week’s episode when Tyrell made everyone uncomfortablecheck out what I’m talking about in my last Mr Robot blog post. His malicious actions against the incoming CTO for Evil Corp by making sexual advances towards his wife has of course backfired.

Dishelved Wellick

Yes, she told her husband. Hell yes, the incoming CTO totally tore Wellick a new one for his assuming urination fetish (i cringed every part of my body typing those two words). Completely tearing him apart to belittle Wellick as much as possible. Stating that he will never  be CTO of Evil Corp, then as Welick is walking out the door struggling to hold his decorum, Scott “offers” the expensive watch Welick pretended to care about 3 minutes prior, suggesting he should use it to pay his bills. All dignity Wellick was clinging onto by a thread was utterly flushed away, exemplified through that famous angry/confused/insulted look he pulls off.

Cut scene, and Wellick is thrashing kitchen materials around as his dominating wife nonchalantly eats her breakfast.

She tells Wellick that he already knows how to get to where he wants to be. Because he knows what she wants, “to be wanted”. Wellick is left dumbfounded in the kitchen as his wife waltzes out the room as slick as can be. His wife is a whole other species that I am totally here for.

| Elliot’s Mission |

Fast forward to the “climax” of the episode in which Elliot, Isaac, and DJ reach the persons to initiate the unlocking of Fernando’s cell. Fernando is released, and as he walks out onto the prison field Elliot has a complete lost for word and more of a glaring gaze of disgust. The next thing that happens is one of the second most alarming parts of this episode as a whole. Fernando comes out grinning, and as soon s he has the chance he initiates DJ to shoot Isaac, Fernando’s brother in the head. Before you can even process, Isaac is dead, and Fernando is yanking Elliot’s focus view to stare at the lifeless Isaac on the floor. This is the first scene of the season with actual gore. I t was a shocking scene even thought there was a bit of foreshadowing that gave it potential to occur.

Fernando’s messes with Elliot’s psyche some more, even after Elliot asks for the ultimate reason he did all of it. “Where’s Shayla?”. Fernando goes onto say “she’s been with you this whole time”- throwing a pair of keys his way. Elliot, silent and terrified, takes the keys and with all the apprehension eh could ever withhold turns to open up the trunk of the car that he was held hostage in throughout the day. It appears to be a simply executed scene on surface, but the attributes of the police sirens that stood to be white noise have now gotten louder, but Elliot’s silence and crushing soul is elevated over that volume. You can see him shivering from the anxiety within him tied with his eyes welling up with tears of the inevitable. Elliot reaches to open the trunk, it feels as if this was a 40 minutes scene at this point but it can never be long enough, and the worst you assumed is true. Shayla’s dead. She’s gone. The emo curly haired drug dealer with possibly the best line in television history is gone – forever. At least that’s what we think. It is an extremely morbid scene not only because of that fact that she is dead, but the issue of her in the trunk of the car a mere feet away from Elliot as he endlessly worked to save her.

//Side Note//

My nudge referring to the jarring scene as a “climax” is due to the lack of solidified rising and falling action in this episode. The climax is most definitely vivid on paper, but visually on he shows it isn’t something you would miss, but it also isn’t something you could expectantly point out. the lead up to the scene is obvious on the paper, however, it may due to lack of Christopher Nolan-y scoring. It doesn’t take away from the story at all, but it is worth mentioning.

His vigilante efforts got him here. It is now solidified that his hacking stands to be a double-edged sword that not only swing to his enemies and himself but evidently the people he loves. Shayla is gone because of Elliot. With 4 episodes left in the season it will be incredibly interesting to see how Elliot with cope or lack to. There’s no more morphine because Shayla was his pipeline to the drug, he already has severe anxiety and depression. Therefore, the detrimental spiral of events Elliot could trample down is going to be something to watch. I personally can’t wait to see how Sam Esmail unfold this story.

Mr. Robot has yet to disappoint. Ten episodes will never be enough.

R.I.P. Shayla

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