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Mr.Robot: Ep_2 Review (TV Show)

In the third installment of Mr.Robot exquisitely titled “Eps1.2d3bug.mkv”, this episode definitely goes through several twists and turns, while simultaneously riding a roller coaster of Elliot’s life.

Recovering from the push over the edge (I know I’m punny) from “Mr.Robot” still to be determined of his actual existence, Elliot quickly tries to not only recover physically but also mentally. Suppressing all itchiness to expel the reason why he’s actually in that position.

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Google Brings Free WiFi To NYC Streets

We’re almost there folks. Pay phones have already been dwindling down in imperativeness, and now the Google supported startup Sidewalk, a company with an objective to improve the urban areas of America through the innovation of technology, are here to bring tech to da streets literally.

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From the man who brought us Reel Steel & Bourne Legacy, Dan Gilroy plasters our screen with his 2014 film, Nightcrawler.


33 minutes in, Nightcrawler was already showcasing a vivid hybrid of American Psycho’s Norman Bates & Ryan Gosling’s Drive. Continue reading “NIGHTCRAWLER (2014)”

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