I would describe myself as a 16-year-old girl, too awkward for Youtube (but loves it to the moon and back) who also has zero friends that would tolerate my 2 hour monologues on how brilliant Vince Gilligan is, or how epic the new The Flash comic is.

I NEEDED a platform where I could talk about what interest me and what I love, so I came here. On this blog, I will discuss everything I’m into from music to television and film, even comics and novels with everything in between.

Just so you can size up my personality:

Favourite Film Director: Wes Anderson

Favorite Film: Guardians of the Galaxy(blockbuster) & It’s Kind of A Funny Story(indie) & Grand Budapest(cross between)

Favourite Artist/Piece of Work: Van Gogh/Starry Nights

Favorite Musical Artist: George Ezra(m) & BANKS(f) & Billy Joel(m)

Favorite Band(s): The Strokes, Alt-J, Twenty One Pilots

Favorite Classic Song: Hooked On A Feeling by Blue Suede

Favorite Television Show(s): THE FLASH & BREAKING BAD & THE WALKING DEAD & Dexter? Dexter. & Orphan Black & The Office & Parks N Rec 🙂

Favorite Youtubers: CASEY NEISTAT & Ben Brown & The Third Pew & Nathan Zed & Sourcefed

Favorite Superheroes: The Flash & Quicksilver

Grammar is M.I.A as of right now, but I’ll work on it.

I can rant, I can rave, I can express, and say whatever I want. The internet is a vast and beautiful place at just the right angle. If I don’t alienate this blog 3 days in, this should be fun. 🙂

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