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Mr. Robot_” br4ve-trave1er asf”_REVIEW

| Take’s A Turn For The Worst |

Six episodes of Mr. Robot and we are past the halfway mark. Translation – our hearts sink we every minute we get closer to the conclusion of the season. In theme with its previous installments, Mr. Robot has blown our minds in ways we never thought it could.

 “br4ve-trave1er asf” follows the story after last week’s cliffhanger of Elliot walking into his apartment after it was trespassed by Fernando Vera’s ‘gang’ and picking up a stray cell phone. The voice in the phone was Vera who was in jail, taunting him on his kidnapping of Eliot’s new girlfriend – Shayla.

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Mr.Robot: Ep_2 Review (TV Show)

In the third installment of Mr.Robot exquisitely titled “Eps1.2d3bug.mkv”, this episode definitely goes through several twists and turns, while simultaneously riding a roller coaster of Elliot’s life.

Recovering from the push over the edge (I know I’m punny) from “Mr.Robot” still to be determined of his actual existence, Elliot quickly tries to not only recover physically but also mentally. Suppressing all itchiness to expel the reason why he’s actually in that position.

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